The future’s so bright, you have to wear these $32K shades

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Eyeglass designer Linda Farrow, maker of the “world’s most exclusive Eyewear,” has come out with what is certainly the world’s most expensive pair eyewear: a pair of sunglasses that retail for $32,000. For that price, we hope they have a special type of filter that only allows you to see other rich people. 

According to WWD, the glasses, which the brand premiered yesterday at the Lane Crawford store in London, are 18-karat yellow gold aviators with white diamonds and 24-karat gold lenses. Necessary.

If you aren’t looking to splurge quite that much on a pair of sunglasses, don’t fret: the brand also came out with two (slightly) cheaper models: a white gold pair with platinum lens for $11,000, and a rose gold circular lens pair for only $8,700. What bargains!

“Even though they’re very expensive. It’s somewhat value for money,” Linda Farrow’s creative director told WWD. “You are buying gold, you are buying diamonds, the craftsmanship on top of the design and everything that goes behind it.”

If that sounds like a reasonable argument to you, you better hurry up. The glasses will only be available to order during the month of May.