Barricade yourself against your enemies in this $4M London castle


Anyone looking to make a substantial real estate purchase in England always has to face a difficult choice: Either live in an apartment (or townhouse) in the heart of London, or live in the countryside … in a castle. It’s an impossible choice between all the conveniences of the city and the coolness of living in a castle.

Thankfully, we have a solution to that conundrum: a residence in a real life castle in London has hit the market for £2.75 million (about $4 million). According to the Wall Street Journal, Vanbrugh Castle was built in 1720 by Sir John Vanbrugh, who is said to have modeled the home after the French Bastille where he was once imprisoned. So cozy!




Fittingly, it has escape tunnels (though the current owners filled many of them in as a safety measure), defense towers, and battlements. The home has more than 2,500 square feet on three floors, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, beautiful gardens and an awesome roof terrace.




Yes, it’s very beautiful, but be sure you like things just as they are: The castle has the highest conservation status in the UK, Grade I, which means making any sort of changes would be extremely difficult.