This $200M spaceship home in Russia is one of Zaha Hadid’s last projects

A little outside Moscow, set deep in the Barvikha forest sits the haughtily-named Capital Hill Residence. Rather than looking like anything from D.C., however, this pad looks more like it’s from Mars.

It’s home to the Russian billionaire, real estate tycoon and founder of Moscow-based Capital Group (that explains the name) – Vladislav Doronin, and it was the last property to be designed inside and out by the late architect Zaha Hadid, who died in March.

According to the Daily Mail, Doronin – who used to date Naomi Campbell – bought the plot in Barvikha for approximately $29 million. The recently completed property is now worth an estimated $200 million.

The 114-foot high structure is spread across four levels and totals a gargantuan 30,000 square feet.

On the basement level is the leisure space, including a living room, fitness area, sauna and Moroccan hammam baths. One level up on the ground floor is a main living room, dining room, several(!) kitchens, an entertainment area and the indoor swimming pool, which transforms into a dance floor.

The main entrance lobby is on the first floor along with a library and bedrooms. The tower is reserved for the master bedroom, accessible via a glass elevator and stairs. The home also holds a wine cellar, a 3D cinema room, a nightclub and a Japanese garden.

“The builders said it couldn’t be built.” The oligarch told Wallpaper magazine last year, “At times, I thought it couldn’t be built. But Zaha, who is a strong woman, very intelligent, very smart – a genius, in fact – insisted.”