When it comes to buildings, Birkins and breasts: “Go big or go home,” quoth the super rich

In media mogul Richard Kirshenbaum’s latest look into the lives of the 1 percent, he explores a trend that is literally in your face: that the rich like to do things big.

Gone are the days of subtlety and refinement. These days the rich like their apartments, diamonds, Birkins and breasts super-sized.

“Richard, refinement went out with the Trinitron,” a celebrity plastic surgeon told Kirshenbaum for his piece in the Observer. “They feel bigger is better and they want to look like Jessica Rabbit… Again, it’s all very sexualized. Big, pouting, juicy lips and breasts suggest an overt sexuality.”

At a dinner party, a “noted interior designer” pointed out the obvious, that the same instinct to go big or go home exists in real estate.

“Now it’s all about the duplex, the triplex, the combination. I’ll buy one or two or three apartments or townhouses and put them all together. Everyone wants bigger space. And half of my foreign clients will only be there a few days a year,” the designer said. “I actually have to think of things to put in the extra floors. A screening room, gyms, massage rooms, et cetera.”

But a quick look around the Hamptons provides the best evidence of the size-fetishism of the super-rich.

Looking out from his bedroom terrace in the Hamptons on foggy mornings, Kirshenbaum says “one could mistake the gargantuan estates [neighboring his house] for museums, palazzos—or Ritz Carltons.”

“’What is that? A hotel?’ Chris [Blackwell], asked as he took in a resort-sized.”

“No, it’s a private residence,” Kirshenbaum says

“’Really?’ His Harrovian accent suggested a raised eyebrow.”

“The upside is it could have been 30 McMansions.” Kirshenbaum shrugs.