Most expensive rough diamond sells for record $63M, but its cousin is expected to fetch even more

The Lucara Diamond Corporation announced today that it has sold the 812.77-carat, Type IIa diamond it recovered back in November for a record-breaking $63 million ($77,649 per carat), making it the most expensive rough diamond ever sold. The buyer was the Dubai-based rough diamond trading company, Nemesis International DMCC.

Though that may sound exciting, this diamond — called The Constellation– probably won’t hold the spotlight for much longer. Another diamond that was recovered at the same time as The Constellation from the same mine in Botswana is actually even bigger, and is expected to sell for $70 million when it hits the auction block at Sotheby’s at the end of June. The Lesedi La Rona diamond, as it is called, has 1,109 carats.

Both the La Rona and The Constellation are no doubt fated to be cut up into smaller, polished diamonds, just as pieces from the largest diamond ever recovered — the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond — are now part of the Crown Jewels of England.