You can now take cooking classes on Saturdays at the Four Seasons Restaurant

Worried you’ll miss the great food at the Four Seasons Restaurant once it closes in July? Though the founders of the restaurant are reportedly re-opening the restaurant next year in a new location that’s only five minutes away, if you can’t wait that long to taste the food, you can hop to the famed restaurant and take a cooking class there. Between the food and the furniture you can buy in the restaurant’s auction, you just might be able to recreate the restaurant in your own home.

For $250-a-head, patrons can take a three-hour class on Saturdays in the restaurant’s beautiful kitchen, and learn to shuck oysters, make the sauce for the duck, and prepare panna cotta. All while drinking fabulous wine. When the food is cooked, the chefs all sit down to enjoy the food together in the restaurant’s grand pool room (and seem to enjoy a three liter bottle of champagne).

As Julian Niccolini, co-founder of the restaurant, told Bloomberg: “The party’s not over yet, it’s only the beginning.”