When the rich and famous get plastic surgery, they call this “concierge” to help them

Want cheekbones that are high but not scarily prominent? Breasts that are large, but not too large? Lips that are full but elegantly so?

For those A-listers in Los Angeles who are going under the knife (or just getting injections), the woman they all meet first is Lynda Barens. A “concierge,” who runs the company Beauty Realized, Barens consults her clients on which surgeons to see for whatever treatment they’re looking for, and then takes care of all of the little details involved before and after the treatment.

“I’m there for every appointment and on the day of surgery,” she told Harpers Bazaar, who reports her services starts at $3,000. “Once the bandages come off, I then arrange for that post-tummy tuck bikini wax, or a consultation with a celebrity makeup artist after a facelift.”

She will also take care of even stranger requests; making sure a socialite who hated the color yellow didn’t have to see it post-surgery (even removing the yolks from her breakfast eggs); arranging a post-surgery helicopter ride from the hospital for a celebrity fleeing the paparazzi; and, of course, recommending the right surgeons so that her clients look their best.

“My clients don’t have triple-D cups or blown-up lips. They are the people you see and think, ‘I want what they’ve got.'”