Pink diamond sells for $32M, blue diamond sells for $58M: The patriarchy is real

The “Unique Pink” diamond

On Tuesday night, a fancy vivid pink diamond sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva for a record-breaking $31.6 million. But that momentous accomplishment was overshadowed yesterday by Christie’s sale of a blue diamond for an even greater $58 million. Though these sales are representative of the rivalry between the two auction houses, it is also possible to see them as symbolic of the current sad state of gender inequality in this world. Yes, we went there.

The 15.38-carat pink diamond is called “Unique Pink” and was sold to an undisclosed Asian buyer over the phone. While it is not the most expensive pink diamond to ever sell (that record is held by the 24.78-carat “Graff Pink” diamond, which sold for $46.2 million at Sotheby’s in 2010), it is the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever sold, beating the 16.08-carat diamond Joseph Lau bought for his daughter in November for $28.5 million.

However, neither of those pink diamond sales can hold a candle to blue diamond sales. Yesterday’s $58 million sale of the 14.62-carat “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond at Christie’s to a private collector heartily beat out Joseph Lau’s other diamond purchase in November of the “Blue Moon of Josephine,” which he bought for $48.4 million.

The "Oppenheimer Blue" diamond.
The “Oppenheimer Blue” diamond.