“Ka-ching!” Fredrik Eklund high-kicks and gyrates in new Bravo web series

In case you were yearning for even more of “Million Dollar Listing New York’s” Fredrik Eklund, rest easy: Eklund is now the host of a newly launched digital series by Bravo called “Ka-ching.”

The digital shorts explore over-the-top luxuries available only to the global elite. The literal mini-series – each episode runs under two minutes – is comprised of 12 segments detailing one aspect of the luxe life. Following the adage “it takes one to know one,” Eklund shows us what the rich truly covet — elaborate cars, jewels, shoes, spas, travel and even infant and pet accessories. It’s like a new-school and amped up version of Robin Leach in “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Glaringly missing is any mention of high-end real estate; the only mention of housing is a pet $25,000 dog house by La Petite Maison.

Viewed as a whole, the series is chockfull of the patented cartoonish antics that Eklund has become known for – high kicks, an array of odd exclamations and noises (can I get a “weeeee”?) and sexual innuendos – as well as his giddy sense of humor.

It is a mix of luxe wins and high-end fails along with everything in between.

To wit: the opening episode about all things gold, has Freddie showing off a roll of 24-karat toilet paper worth a whopping $1.3 million! Even more priceless? The background for the spot is a wall of poop emojis.

Another episode, this one about cars, features a literally gyrating Eklund exclaiming an $810,000 Masarati has him aroused. “It’s so hot I want to lick it,” he chirps.

Kitsch aside, the series offers a wealth of eye candy for those that want to live vicariously or simply hate-watch one-percenters’ shenanigans.

Feast your eyes on gorgeous diamonds, exotic locales and enough bling to make even a Kardashian take notice.

Aside from equal parts entertaining and annoying, the show is also educational and a place you can learn about the elaborate lengths people will go to, and exorbitant fees they will pay, to get some of the finest (and oddest) things in life.

You will learn about products you never knew you wanted, such as the most expensive pair of sneakers available — one-of-a-kind jewel encrusted kicks called “The Fire Monkey” designed by Bichion and Mache for charity. They are valued at $4 million!

Eklund also reports on a curation of the most expensive cruises available today, including a three-month ride from San Francisco to Hawaii and Japan for a fee of $210,000. But as Eklund points out – once again using toilet humor and making use of his potty mouth — it is worth that if only for the boat’s bidet, so “you don’t have to wipe your tushy.”

Baby obsessed Eklund coos over a pacifier comprised of 250 white diamonds and 18-karat gold by Ulubulu that retails for $17,000. It’s perfect for those who look down on babies who are merely born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Another tony item featured is a ship that houses another sailing vessel. “It’s so cute. It’s a boat within a boat,” explains Eklund about the $500 million vessel, which is the sailing equivalent of a turducken.

And speaking of food, if the aforementioned isn’t tasty enough for one’s viewing pleasure, the world’s most expensive grilled cheese sandwich is also a star. New York City’s Serendipity is home to a record-breaking $200 sandwich, which features a 24-karat edge and a Dom Perignon infusion.

If the literal and figurative super-sized cheesiness doesn’t have you screaming “uncle.” perhaps the commercials that play atop each episode will. It seems counterintuitive and an odd juxtaposition of all the wealth featured for commercials for Hellman’s and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter to play prior to each segment.

All in all, even though you may leave feeling “I can’t believe it’s not better,” “Ka-ching” is a fun little way to fantasize about what you would do if you ever won Powerball and had mad cash at your fingertips.

Which, according to one episode, the rich actually can – a bottle of diamond infused nail polish can be had for a mere $250,000.

You can binge watch the full series here.