Here are some details about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s new UES townhouse boutique

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen own some fabulous real estate in New York City, and now, the famous twins are opening a store together in yet another prime spot. They are in the midsts of putting the finishing touches on their first New York store for their high-end fashion label, The Row, at 17 East 71st Street.

Fitting its A+ location, the store will feature some rather high-end touches. According to Vogue, you can expect to spot a Basquiat painting, a Carlo Bugatti chair, a Frank Lloyd Wright mirror, a Jean Royère standing lamp and ceramics from the Japanese chef, Masa Takayama (yes, as in Masa the restaurant). The duo hired the master interior designer Jacques Grange, whose last project was a boutique for Yves Saint Laurant, to do the space.

The reason for this attention to detail is that the Olsen twins want to create a reason for you to visit the store instead of shopping online. “Shopping can be a little uninspiring now, so I think if we can bring a little bit of that experience wherever we are to stay, that’s great,” Mary-Kate told Vogue.

Domenico Vacca, who just opened up a massive store in midtown, had a similar sentiment about the importance of physical stores, telling LLNYC: “If you want to buy Domenico Vacca, you should come to New York, you should go to London. It’s an experience.”