Jean Georges is serving hotdogs outside the Mark Hotel right now

Gwyneth Paltrow, the queen of wellness herself, might actually approve of you eating this hot dog.

Jean Georges Vongerichten, the Michelin-starred chef,  has announced that he will be selling hot dogs outside the Mark Hotel from now until September. It’s the perfect meal for any celebs staying there (or whoever is staying in the $75,000-a-night penthouse). “It’s a New York City street food staple, and it’s practical” he told The Observer. We couldn’t agree more.

The organic chicken dog comes with an assortment of condiments concocted by Vongerichten himself, including his famous Kimchi Relish. And at only $6, this might be the cheapest way to enjoy his food. The only question is, will it still emit the same tantalizing aroma as hot dog carts around the city?

Of course, hot dog eaters on Madison Avenue are not the most humble customers Vongerichten has ever served; the famed chef also cooked a gourmet meal for dogs back in October.