These former VIP concierges wrote a tell-all about the awful, rich people they helped


Nearly anyone who works for wealthy people has a story about being abused, and hotel concierges — whose job it is to help people have their best vacations — are no exception. Now, two former concierges from a fancy hotel have written a tell-all — and the details are just as nasty as you hope they are. 9780553448344

Co-written by Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe, who worked a total of seven years in the hotel trade, “How May We Help Hate You Now?” has stories about people asking to reserve the elevator so that they didn’t have to share it with “those people”; men (and a lady!) wanting to order prostitutes (Todd was asked this, Anna was not); and many foreigners asking for directions or a restaurant reservation, only to dispute the concierges suggestions.

“The hotel industry is set up to make people behave in a certain way,” Drezen told The Post. “The hotels’ message is, ‘Take a load off, we’ll take care of it. Do whatever you want to us. Punch us in the mouth. We’re cool.’”

  • Casual Observer

    People……asking for local restaurant advice…..I’m agog. How did they ever make it out the other side? Did the UN get involved?