Want to be a luxury festival-goer? Check into the Tenthouse Suite


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Glastonbury, one of the world’s most famous music festivals, is taking “glamping” to a whole new level.

This year you’ll be able to avoid the muddy squalor of regular camping with the masses and have access to your own campsite and some seriously swanky accommodations thanks to The Pop-Up Hotel.

The company – which describes itself as a transient hotel – offers alternative sleeping arrangements from gypsy caravans and yurts to Airstream RVs and converted railway carriages.

But the real luxury comes in the form of the Tenthouse Suite, which costs up to £13,000 ($19,000) for the entirety of the five-day music festival – and that doesn’t even include tickets.

What it does include though is three fully furnished full-sized bedrooms with luxury linens, a huge living room and dining area, a bathroom with a shower, flushing toilet and basin, a covered front porch, power with multiple sockets, and even a dressing room.

Meanwhile the campsite itself offers a pamper area with dressing tables and hair-dryers, a spa, a pool, a restaurant and bar, along with a concierge service, a helipad, a private car park and 24 hour security.

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Owner Mark Sorrell told the Daily Mail, “It’s really hard to find a really special and different festival experience. But that’s just what the Pop Up Hotel provides to its new and returning guests – all the atmosphere of staying under canvas with the comfort and luxury of a boutique hotel.”

As far as luxury goes, we certainly think it beats the helicopter-renting Coachella-goers, however it’s not quite on par with the $1 million Icelandic volcano party.