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Forget the fine art and furniture, home staging is going faux

When curious visitors arrived at an East Village open house recently, it was filled with furniture — a sofa, a desk, a coffee table, a bed and art on the walls – and almost every piece was made of white corrugated plastic, except the pillows… which were filled with packing peanuts.

It was the work of Douglas Pinter and his company, inFormed Space.

According to the New York Times, lightweight, flat-pack furniture is the latest trend in home staging – cheap but adept at allowing buyers to visualize beyond an empty space.

Pinter’s company reportedly charges about $1,900 to stage a studio or one-bedroom for two months. In comparison professional home staging in New York can easily cost five times that for a small apartment for three months.

“The pieces are collapsible, lightweight and rigid,” he told the New York Times. “You can store many apartments’ worth in a small area. They’re also easy to deliver and bring up.”

The units are designed to assemble with hidden magnets, and a courier can deliver enough furniture for a whole apartment – the entire load fits in two rolling laundry bins.

And if someone accidentally sits on the makeshift furniture? “They’re not meant to be used, but they don’t collapse,” Pinter told the newspaper. “It just creases my little cushions.”