Givenchy launches limited-edition luxury car for the woman who has everything

Givenchy car and model (credit: Astuce Productions)
Givenchy car and model (credit: Astuce Productions)

Ever feel down in the dumps and need a little pick-me-up? At such times, many women will head to the makeup counter and try out a new lipstick to brighten their day. However, Givenchy wants to up the ante and have them drive away in a new vehicle instead — one designed by a man but made for a woman.

Meet the New DS 3 Givenchy Le Makeup Limited Edition, a car specifically geared towards the fairer sex, which was manufactured “to meet the expectations of many modern-day women on the go.”


DS Automobiles, a subsidiary of French automaker Citroen, in co-ordination with Givenchy, launched this femme ride at the DS World Paris where it may be viewed until June 7, according to Forbes. 

The exterior is a matte Opaline White and the interior is fitted with black leather upholstery, while the dashboard is Rose Pink and the auto’s roof, side mirrors and wheel caps are Whisper Purple.

The car’s other chick-centric features — or “ladyparts” — include, mirrors with LED lighting and a cosmetics kit tucked into the armrest.


“I dreamed this car would enhance the beauty of women,” Nicolas Degennes, artistic director for makeup and color at Givenchy, said in a press release.

Only 500 of the figuative Barbie dream cars will be produced and are solely being offered for sale in the U.K. The hatchback will start at $28,000 and the soft-top Cabrio at $31,400. Matching one’s dashboard to one’s lipstick? Priceless.