Check out Terrace, Dubai’s newest outdoor hot spot

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai has just debuted the ultimate outdoor hot spot. Terrace, a newly constructed extension of the hotel, is a 10,800-square-foot luxury deck which juts out 330 feet into the Persian Gulf.

It is equipped with everything anyone could need for fun and frolic. The perfect place to catch some rays, take a dip and be pampered, the deck comes equipped with 400 sun loungers, 32-air conditioned cabanas (with butler service), and fresh-water and saltwater pools. Guests are invited to eat, drink and be merry at Terrace’s alfresco Scape Restaurant and Bar, which serves California cuisine.

It’s no surprise that something so architecturally spectacular would be housed here. The iconic hotel, which opened in 1999, immediately became known for its unique shape and construction. Set on an artificial island of sand, the highly recognizable sail-shaped building is a standout in Dubai.

Forbes reports, the 5,000-ton hotel extension was developed by marine construction experts ADMARES at a shipyard in Finland and shipped by sea in six parts and was then assembled on-site.

Best of all? It’s eco-friendly. The architects were sure not to cause any major disruption to the marine environment. In fact, the creation of the deck actually helps the environment. It doesn’t just attract those looking to relax; it also attracts undersea ecosystems and provides shade for local fish. Win-win!