David Bouley is moving his iconic restaurant because he is obsessed with health

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David Bouley is not closing his beloved Tribeca restaurant; he is merely “relocating” it.

The chef spelled this out in no uncertain terms to the Times, writing it down in permanent marker on a notepad. However, relocating might be a bit of a kind word for what Bouley is doing, which does involve closing the famous restaurant’s large current space for a tiny spot on the second floor of a townhouse at 17 Harrison Street that will only accommodate 20 to 25 guests and be open five days a week.

The reason for why the chef is shuttering (ahem, moving) his Michelin-starred restaurant, which has been in its current location since 2008? Bouley is on a newfound health kick, according to the Times, and he is now committed to learning all about the relationship between health and food for his new venture. Before he opens his restaurant, he will be taking nutrition classes at NYU and somehow also getting an MBA at Harvard. All while writing a book called “Living Pantry.”

“Gastronomy and science, meeting together. I want to learn how to do that better,” he told The Times. Best of luck with that!