Daniel Radcliffe’s childhood home is on the market for $2M (no, there’s no cupboard under the stairs)

Credit: Warner Bros.

The home where the young wizard Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) grew up on Sherbrooke Road in London has hit the market for £1.45 million, or about $2 million.

According to the Daily Mail, Radcliffe lived in the home until the age of 12, a year after the first Harry Potter film came out. Radcliffe was reportedly in the bathtub of the home when he found out he had gotten the role, which is not so different being stranded in a rickety shack on an island in a storm when you find out you’re a wizard.


The bath!


The four bedroom, two bathroom home has about 1,733 square feet with a patio and garden. It has been substantially renovated since Radcliffe lived in it as a child.

‘We don’t advertise the house based on who used to live here but we do tell people when we take them round and they tend to raise a smile,” the broker representing the home told the Daily Mail. “Although there was one person who turned round and said, ‘who is Daniel Radcliffe?”