The fashion elite are clamoring for a hand-painted purse by Candace Bergen

Pre-boarding bunnies.

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The adult coloring phase may be getting a bit out of hand. Actress Candace Bergen has taken to customizing (and by customizing, we mean coloring on) pricey purses. The clincher? She is actually making them worth more and every fashionista now seems to want one!

“We were in East Hampton and I had gone to the art store and bought $200 worth of paint pens,” Bergen told the Post, whose daughter is Vogue social editor Chloe Malle.

“I got to the house and Chloe had her Louis Vuitton duffel bag with her, and she said, ‘You can put my initials on my bag and decorate it.’”

The Emmy-award winner is apparently not just good at acting, but also drawing freehand, peppering her daughter’s bag with stencil-free bunnies in honor of their pet-name for each other.

“But really, my lexicon is vast. I can do camels, palm trees. I can do fish. I’m good at desert scenes, winter scenes. I’m very good at doing Christmas winter scenes,” she says.

After Malle posted the creation on Instagram, the fashion elite came clamoring for one of their own. Celeb stylist Jamie Schneider Mizrahi and Tina Craig, the woman behind the popular fashion blog Bag Snob, just had to have one.

The “Murphy Brown” star plans on charging $500-$1000 per bag and donating any earnings to charity.

While she is now in the process of taking other commissions and coming up with a witty name for her endeavor, she has no plans on altering any of her own high-end possessions in this manner.

“Are you kidding?” she says. “I wouldn’t touch any of my good bags!”