Nicole Kidman stars in a virtual reality ad for a $32K airline suite

When advertising a $32,000 airline suite, you don’t use a no-name model or actress — you use an Academy Award winning actress. And you don’t just shoot it with a standard camera either — you use virtual reality.

That’s exactly what Etihad Airways has done in their new ad for their Resident suite. The one and only Nicole Kidman practices lines for her new movie, while sailing through the cabin looking more glamorous than anyone has ever looked aboard an aircraft. Kidman and her fellow one percent passengers enjoy food and wine recommendations from the air staff, settle into the plush and relatively private pods and even play with their pet falcon. The 125-square foot suite comes with a private bathroom with its own shower.

But perhaps the most bizarre part of this ad? The brief, oh-so-sad peek into Economy class it shows, the only purpose of which we can think of is for rich people to (once again) remember how much better they have it than the rest of us. At least it’s not as bad as that Emirates commercial with Jennifer Anniston where she has a nightmare that the plane doesn’t have a shower or a bar…