The Playboy Mansion deserves a makeover, and these famous interior designers have solutions

Earlier this week it was reported that Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion – which went on the market in January for a whopping $200 million – had been snapped up Daren Metropoulos, son of Twinkie billionaire Dean Metropoulos and Hefner’s next-door-neighbor.

Metropoulos paid an undisclosed sum for the infamous mansion, although a losing bidder reportedly offered “nine figures.”

Evidently we’re not the only ones who have been wondering what will become of the 20,000-square-foot home once all of those lovely ladies vacate. Town & Country polled some interior designers to see how they’d spruce up the place, and here are some of our favorite snippets:

“Definitely would pay homage to the poor bunnies. I always thought of them as the saddest group. Not quite Miss Americas not quite hookers and no homes of their own!” Tom Scheerer, of Tom Scheerer Inc, told Town & Country.

“I think after an exhaustive antiseptic cleaning, I would restore the Arthur Rolland Kelly architecture to its original glory. Beyond it’s notorious past, the mansion is one of the most important remaining estates in LA.” Ken Fulk offered.

“I would do coral cushions on pool chaises, rolled up coral and white towels at the door, with coral and white umbrellas. Of course, cabana boys in coordinating ensembles serving frozen concoctions anytime!” Danielle Rollins of Rollins Ingram said.

“I would donate the house to the studio/estate of Gordon Matta-Clark (is there such a thing?) to slice, lift and shift in its entirety. Or better yet, sell to the Pentagon for missile defense. The idea of a retractable roof with massive “rockets” slowly rising taller and taller and firing from within.” David Kaihoi of Miles Redd added.