Cher and Eddie Murphy’s former home is for sale for $85M (and it’s a fixer-upper)

Cher (credit: Emett Mcginty), Eddie Murphy (credit: David Shankbone) and the home (credit: Matt Momberger)

Today Cher is best known for her amazing (if somewhat incoherent) Twitter account in which she mocks the Donald using as many emojis as possible. But there was a time, not so long ago, when Cher was a diva extraordinaire, up there with Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson.

It was at that time (or at least part of that time), that she lived in this amazing home in Beverly Hills, which has just hit the market for $85 million. Though the home isn’t listed yet, the Wall Street Journal reports that it sits on 16 acres, and has a Moroccan guest home, a barn, two rings for riding horses, a swimming pool and a tennis court. Cher owned the home from 1980 to 1988, when she sold it to Eddie Murphy. He sold it to another owner, and it is currently owned by Vicki Walters, the wife of the late real estate developer Raul Walters.

The Walters renovated the home extensively, but when Raul died, Vicki did not continue the project. So whoever buys this will need to finish the kitchens and the bathrooms.

Credit: Matt Momberger
Credit: Matt Momberger
Credit: Matt Momberger
Credit: Matt Momberger
Credit: Matt Momberger
Credit: Matt Momberger
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