The rich parents of Instagram may be worse than the kids

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It’s no secret that Instagram has long been the perfect place to display obscene amounts of wealth. The young and well-heeled are known for posting pictures of fast cars, designer luxury goods, fine jewelry and top-shelf champagne, amid a backdrop of the most luxurious exotic locations.

So, like all social media outlets, it was only a matter of time before their parents joined in on the fun. Enter: Rich Parents of Instagram.

The account — with just 93 posts so far — features some standouts like a blond tycoon’s wife posing in her immaculate bathroom, making it rain by tossing wads of cash up in the air like she just doesn’t care. A Russian model decked out in designer duds poses in a Ferrari 458 Spider, valued at around $290,000. A designer and self-proclaimed “Trophy wife” is pictured drinking champagne in first class.

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The wealthy ‘rents also showcase how they share the wealth with their children and even pets with exorbitant shopping sprees. One picture features an adorbs French bulldog chilling on the leather seats of a Lamborghini, and another snap highlights a cheetah atop of a luxe sports car.

While it seems likely this account is a favorite to hate-follow — with 50,000+ followers already — most of the comments are surprisingly positive.