They’re back! You’ll never guess what piece of jewelry is trendy again

Tiaras are no longer just for princesses. Now the well-heeled (and the not-so-well-heeled) can brandish them with no sense of irony.

The Wall Street Journal reports tiara-mania is running wild on the catwalk. At his recent show for Saint Laurent, designer Hedi Slimane adorned his models in tiaras, as did Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

But the tiara trend continues even off the catwalk. At the recent Met Costume Gala, Nicole Kidman donned a tiara crafted from a 19th century diamond necklace from New York jeweler Fred Leighton. Plus turn on your TV and you can spot the ladies from “Downton Abbey” and “Game of Thrones” working the bejeweled headdresses too.

Originally only worn by brides or for white-tie occasions, the tiara eventually went out of fashion. But now anyone with some fashion flair and a level head can step out in one.

At London’s Dover Street Market, upscale jewelers Bentley & Skinner offer Victorian and Edwardian tiaras for the common woman. “We are traditional and Dover Street is hip,” said Omar Vaja, Bentley & Skinner’s sales director, to the WSJ. “But there is no reason [traditional] and hip shouldn’t marry.”


New versions — with a stretchy band to keep them in place — or vintage ones, are easily procured, but expect to pay a pretty penny for quality. The Georgian diamond tiara worn by Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary for example, could set you back $210,000.

The mini-crowns can also be rented for a fraction of the cost for those who want to feel like a queen for a day.

“When you walk into a room in the tiara, wow—it’s great,” promised Mr. Vaja.

And now to perfect that whimsical little wave to go along with it….