Taylor Swift can’t stop, won’t stop moving

Is there anything worse than being displaced by building work?

Taylor Swift – who is reportedly shelling out almost $40,000 per month on a West Village rental while her Tribeca penthouse gets an upgrade – totally, sort of, but not really, understands.

Built originally as a carriage house in 1912, Swift’s new and temporary home is now a 5,400-square-foot townhouse with five bedrooms and a 30-foot-long indoor pool. She’s renting from David Aldea, chief technology officer at Soho House.

Swift’s main pad, a $19.95 million spread at the Sugar Loaf Building at 155 Franklin Street – a building that has housed the likes of Steven Soderbergh and Orlando Bloom – is undergoing renovations. Swift bought the the two side-by-side duplexes (one for her, one for her security team) in March 2014 from Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson.

According to public records, Rusk Renovations, who specialize in high-end makeovers, are Swift’s chosen contractors. Meanwhile Page Six report that at least two permits for renovations on the sixth floor and penthouse — her floors — have been filed, and combined the documents list the estimated total cost of Swift’s structural renovations at $535,000.