The Indiana Jones of whisky wants to sell you the last drop of the world’s rarest spirits

Even as the supply of rare vintage whiskies dwindle, demand is growing strong than ever. This, understandably, creates quite the dilemma.

Enter, The Last Drop Distillers.

Founded by James Espey and Tom Jago in 2008, The Last Drop claims to be the world’s most exclusive spirits company. Bloomberg suggests that you consider them the Indiana Joneses of the whisky world.

Indeed, rather than treasures, these intrepid explorers venture to discover the world’s long-forgotten casks of alcohol. Arguably, treasures in their own right.

According to Bloomberg, depending on what they uncover, The Last Drop team either bottle and release it directly, or blend brand new creations from multiple findings.

Their most recent release, a “Double-Matured” Blended Scotch Whisky, was a blend of more that 50 grain and malt whiskies. It retails for $4,200 a bottle.

According to their website, the team rarely succeed in their quests, but when they do it’s worth it. “Not all spirits age well and too long in wood can ruin a fine spirit. But occasionally all the elements – original distillate, type of wood, the climate for storage – combine to produce an unlikely miracle.”