You can now steal (a pen) from the newly opened Watergate Hotel

Watergate Hotel rooftop rendering
Watergate Hotel rooftop rendering

The Watergate Hotel has long been known for only one thing: the place where Nixon’s henchmen tried to break in to the Democratic National Committee in 1972.

Now, the iconic hotel is re-opening after a $125 million renovation and it’s embracing its history big time. Think: pens that say “stolen from The Watergate Hotel” and room key cards that say “No Need to Break In.” Janie Bryant, the acclaimed costume designer for “Mad Men” is designing all the costumes for the staff, which will be 60’s themed.

Apparently, after the break-in, everyone wanted a piece of the Watergate and robes, towels and anything with the name of the hotel on it were frequently stolen by troublemaking guests.

The hotel opened in 1967 and closed in 2012 for renovations, though the complex was open and hosted guests like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Condoleezza Rice. The renovations restored the hotel to its former glory, and they keep to architect Luigi Moretti’s original intention to make it resemble a sail. There are no straight lines in the interiors of the lobby and 95 percent of the rooms have views of the Potomac River.