Way before green was good, a luxury building on the UWS boasted a rooftop farm

Oh hipsters with their urban farming, they think are so cool and original! But Ephermal New York dispelled all that with a recent post on The Ansonia, The Upper West Side hotel-turned-apartment building which debuted in the early 1900s.

No surprise, the building’s developer wanted what luxury building developers still want today, “The goal was to make it the “most perfectly equipped house in the world,” commented developer W.E.D. Stokes.

In addition to having the world’s largest swimming pool, a lobby fountain containing live seals and a curator at the ready to create a noteworthy art collection, the real stand-out was its mansard roof.

While sadly there was no mention of kale growing, the “farm in the sky” was a green rooftop complete with ducks, geese, six goats, a bear, a pig named Nanki-Poo, and roughly 500 chickens, from which bellhops collected fresh eggs every day and delivered them to tenants.

Sadly, the Board of Health had a cow and threatened to raid the roof. Animals were eventually relocated to the Central Park Menagerie. While the rest is history, history does indeed seem to repeat itself considering green rooftops are one of the hottest “new” amenities these days.