The Rolls-Royces of the future are completely crazy

Rolls-Royce unveiled their latest concept car (sorry, “Vision Vehicle”) this morning and it might be the most terrifying glimpse of the future we’ve ever seen.

Called the 103EX, the car looks like what the Jetsons would have driven had they suddenly won the lottery. It even comes complete with a built-in AI system called “The Voice of Eleanor” (after Eleanor Thornton, the model for “The Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament found on every Rolls), which can advise its owners on itineraries, remind them of appointments, respond to their voice commands and play their favorite movies on a transparent OLED display.

The car is enormous, about 20 feet long by five feet high, completely autonomous (goodbye nosy chauffeurs!) and has zero emissions. Its top half is made from dark glass, and riders are able to stand up before exiting or entering the vehicle as the door opens to the side.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Rolls if it didn’t have the plushest, most luxurious interiors imaginable. The car is lined with Macassar wood panelling and the sofa on which riders sit is lined in silk.