Airbnb wants you to sleep with the fishes

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Themed accommodation is clearly all the rage right now.

Yesterday it was HomeAway’s Eiffel Tower soccer spread, and today it’s Airbnb’s floating hotel room.

In celebration of the release of Disney Pixar’s Fining Dory – the follow up to Finding Nemo – the vacation rental company is offering lucky competition winners a chance to sleep in a floating suite, right above the Great Barrier Reef.

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The trip which is valued at roughly $30,000 includes round-trip flights to Cairns, Australia and a one-night stay for a family of four in the bedroom, which is made from local recycled materials and sustainably sourced local pine wood.

The nautical set-up includes a full-sized bed, a bunk bed plus a living area made up of a couch and coffee table.

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Along with a sea-level snooze, guests will be treated to a meal cooked by one of Australia’s most influential chefs, Neil Perry, and a dive to take in the marine life and tour the coral gardens with a marine biologist.

Once human guests have finished their stay, this Airbnb will open its doors to marine life and will be repurposed as a turtle hatching facility.

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    Awesome! Never imagined such trip, truly amazing, thanks for sharing. I think, it’s a one great idea to have the same in our province.

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