This concierge will take care of everything in your post-divorce life (even send you to fat camp)

Divorce can be a tough time for people, but thankfully, if you have $350-an-hour, Betsy Cox can make the road a little easier for you.

According to a New York Times profile, Cox, a so-called “divorce concierge” with a company called Blackbook Divorce, helps her wealthy clients live their best lives after they divorce their spouses. Her services include setting up Grubhub and Fresh Direct accounts for clients, finding their kids a “cool” job in New York, getting those kids entry into equally cool clubs in the middle of the night, sending clients to fat camps so they can shed a few pounds, finding them apartments and — obviously — finding them new love interests. Basically, she’s a mother, a wife and a cool aunt all wrapped into one.

“She’s tied into a dirty little secret and that is that even moneyed spouses, the so-called masters of the universe, need a lot of help before, during and after the divorce process,” a divorce lawyer she works regularly with told the Times. In other words, rich people struggle with divorce too — they just have the money to pay to make it all better.