Sasha Bikoff hosted a “midnight swim” party in the Hamptons this weekend

Elizabeth Peng, Jayma Cardoso, Sasha Bikoff, Fiona Byrne (credit: Carl Timpone/

This past weekend, party-goers flocked to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade, but a little further east, a mermaid party of a different sort was going on — this one with a little more refinement.

Jayma Cardoso (credit: Carl Timpone/

Sasha Bikoff, the interior designer, hosted an elegant “midnight swim” dinner party at her home in Amagansett to celebrate her room in the 2016 Holiday House in the Hamptons (which is also, incidentally, mermaid-themed). Every room in the home, an $18 million listing in Water Mill, has been decorated by a different designer; tickets to see it cost $35 and all proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Center.

Michelle Berkowitz, Stephanie Cain (credit: Carl Timpone/

At Bikoff’s party, guests included Jayma Cardoso, owner of The Surf Lodge; Iris Danker, founder of Holiday House; entrepreneur Rohan Oza and girlfriend Sarah Hallock; celebrity real estate broker Jared Seligman, fashion stylist Lauren Fastenberg, Spring founder Alan Tisch, Coveteur writer and interior designer Fiona Byrne, Voutsa wallpaper founder George Venson, Patricia Marci, and executive Marci Freedman.

Lauren Fastenberg (credit: Carl Timpone/
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Sam Masters (credit: Carl Timpone/
Gabrielle Savoie, Victoria Natenzon (credit: Carl Timpone/
Sasha Bikoff (credit: Carl Timpone/
Rohan Oza, Sarrah Hallock (credit: Carl Timpone/
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