Just off Billionaire’s Row a soufflé could cost you $2,500

At Petrossian, the caviar spot tucked away in one of the City’s prettiest buildings, chef Richard Farnabe is dishing up what might just be the city’s priciest dessert.

The off-menu special is a decadent (and expensive) combination of two-and-a-half ounces of Royal Ossetra caviar, encased in soufflé, sprinkled with gold leaf, doused in a shot of 200-year-old Hennessy Richard cognac, and set ablaze. Naturally it’s then eaten with a 14-karat gold-plated spoon.

The dish, which Farnabe has dubbed the Secret Soufflé, costs a impressive $2,500.

But according to Bloomberg, a recent tasting found that the soufflé is still a work in progress. They note that the cognac (which costs around $3,500 per bottle) can overwhelm the caviar, and the soufflé’s two and a half minute bake time is enough to preserve the texture of the caviar, but leaves the soufflé’s texture lacking.

“All together,” Bloomberg report, “the soufflé isn’t better than the sum of its (very refined) parts.”

Best hang onto your money for now.