Cindy Gallop to Cannes Lions: I want your sex tape

This year’s Cannes Lions conference may be far sexier than ever before.

Each year, creative types, executives and celebrities head down to Cannes for the “International Festival of Creativity” to show off their stuff. But this year, advertising consultant extraordinaire, Cindy Gallop — the former head of the U.S. branch of advertising firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty — wants them to show more stuff than usual.

The advertising maven is imploring attendees to film themselves having sex while at the conference and to post the video to her site, It’s an effort to help the world be more honest about sex (and obviously pimp out her own brand in the press).

“We would love all of you out there to be our new ‘MakeCannesLoveNotPorn,’ stars,” Gallop said. “We want to publish a ‘MakeLoveNotPorn’ Cannes edition. So, please film the sex you’re having at Cannes, and it will transform you and your sex lives!”

In her recent talk at the conference called, “Sex: The Final Frontier (Foresight Meets Foreplay),” the sex-tape aficionado encouraged advertisers not to shy away from the touchy subject.

The Post reports Gallop explained that advertisers should discuss consumers’ sex lives because it is an area “we can come across profound areas of insight.”

“The kitchen industry is failing to acknowledge that people have sex on kitchen counters.” she added.

Considering that notable speakers such as Anna Wintour, Will Smith, Usher and Ryan Seacrest are all scheduled to take the stage this week, we can only hope all attendees follow her advice.