Never butt plant in the snow again! A new Swiss chairlift will adjust for different riders’ heights

Getting on and off of a ski lift gracefully is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of skiing — particularly for those who happen to be abnormally tall or short.

But now, we are happy to report, the Swiss have figured it out. A new chairlift in Madrisa in the Swiss Alps will adjust its seat based on the height of the skier. A laser will scan the height of the rider, and then a hydraulic control will raise or lower the seat. No more butt plants in the snow!

No surprise, this Schaffürggli chairlift ain’t cheap and In the Snow reports it is estimated to cost 11 million Swiss francs (about $11.5 million), and will be 1,860 meters long, take seven minutes to go to the top of the mountain and will be able to transport up to 2,600 people per hour. In addition to its fancy height adjustment capabilities, it will also feature heated seats and a hood that lowers to protect skiers from bad weather.