Hundreds of people are on a wait-list for rosé gummy bears from this UES candy store

We all know that certain types of people go completely bonkers for rosé (remember the great rosé shortage of 2015?), so it’s not shocking that a rosé + gummy bear combo would make them completely lose their minds.

350 of these people have put their names down on a wait list for the treat, which will be sold starting June 30th at the high-end candy store, Sugarfina. The store currently has a pop-up in the Time Warner Center, and just opened a brand new location on the Upper East Side at 83rd and Madison.

The Los Angeles-transplant store has always sold its champagne gummy bears (including some that cost $100 and are dipped in 24K gold), as well as other high-end candies like  “parisian pineapples” made from pineapple purée (we aren’t sure what pineapples come from Paris, but moving on…), candy flowers and rainbow “Kyoto Blossoms” from Japan.

The rosé candies will be infused with Whispering Angel Rosé and come in two different shapes: bear and rose.

“Many of our shoppers are coming from the Upper East Side, so it was only natural to open a location right in the heart of this vibrant community,” a spokesperson for the brand told DNA Info. What a surprise.