Supers’ families lend helping hands at NYC apartments

In some New York City apartment complexes, amenities are a family affair. Building superintendents and other staff members tend to recruit their children, spouses and relatives into providing a wealth of services such as housekeeping and babysitting.

Milady Aparicio, the 72-year-old mother of a doorman-turned-super at an Art Deco condominium building in the West Village, handles laundry and cleaning for nearly a dozen units.

Residents told the New York Times they prefer the building staff’s recommendations as opposed to finding a stranger on Craigslist. It enhances a sense of community at a building, and results in a fatter holiday tip from tenants.

“They don’t have to see your background,” said Gustavo Aparicio, who was promoted to superintendent in 2010. “They see it with my mom.” [NYT]Mark Maurer

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