Billionaire’s Row no more! 57th Street and 5th Avenue may be renamed for Bill Cunningham


Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times fashion photographer who died on Saturday, loved to stake out the corner at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue looking for potential subjects to shoot.

Now, Nick Nicholson, a longtime acquaintance of Cunningham’s, has started a Change.Org petition to get the intersection renamed “Bill Cunningham’s Corner.” Cunningham was named a Living Landmark of the city in 2009, and Nicholson writes in his petition that Cunningham’s “unerring eye for what was fashionable, his documentation of everyday New Yorkers wearing and doing extraordinary things, and his love of our city and its people made the corner of 57th and Fifth Avenue “Bill Cunningham’s Corner” long ago.”

According to Woman’s Wear Daily, Nicholson intends to take the petition straight to City Hall, bypassing the Community Board. The head of the Community Board told WWD that there’s been a moratorium on renaming streets because it would be too confusing for tourists and drivers.

The mayor might be more sympathetic, though; on Saturday, the mayor’s office tweeted, “Today we lost a Living Landmark, not that he ever stood still. Let’s all be more fabulous in Bill’s memory.”

Another option for a memorial might be a sculpture on the corner of Cunningham on his famous bike with his camera.

As of right now, the petition only needs 82 signatures to reach its goal of 1,500. You can sign it here.