The coolest party in the Hamptons is the one in your own backyard

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Of all the exclusive clubs in the Hamptons, nothing is more exclusive — or coveted — than your own multi-million dollar home. After all, why would you want to sip rosé with other people if you could do it while lounging at your own pool?

Back in the day, that’s how the Hamptons used to be — a place where the very, very wealthy would hide away from the plebs stuck in the city. Somewhere along the way, though, the hedge fund bros and their female equivalents decided to go there, and turned it into the crazy party place it is today. So much so that the area is in the process of being renamed the “Eastpacking District.”

As the interior designer, David Netto told Town and Country, he loves the Palm “but the mood in there on a Friday night can be just so brutal—you know, aggressive. I’m sorry to say it, but the people with money are the worst behaved.”

The only acceptable place to go out? Private clubs like the Southampton Bathing Corp., which, as one East Hampton resident puts it, is frequented by “the families that have been here for a long time, who somehow fit into the landscape in a different way. That is not new money; that’s old, nice, blue money.”

But, as LLNYC cover star Nicole Miller put it, maybe all these so-called hermits are exaggerating; after all, “Somebody is going to Nick & Toni’s, and Moby’s is always packed. I would be lonely if I were just sitting at home and grilling all the time.”