Lichine to Hamptonites: Rosé is not in fact water

Sacha Lichine
Sacha Lichine

Each summer season revelers drink until their is literally no rosé left in the Hamptons. So this year, rosé king Sacha Lichine suggests that you should drink your rosé a little more slowly.

“People have a feeling that it’s much lighter in alcohol. It’s not,” Lichine told the New York Post. “In Hong Kong … their nickname for Whispering Angel is Screaming Bitch. [Distributors] give it to their wives, and they drink a bottle of it, and they either start screaming at them or take their clothes off.”

It’s also – rather less scandalously – dubbed “Hamptons water.” And for good reason.

According to the Post, this year, Lichine will make 415,000 cases of rosé that will be distributed in 102 countries. He estimates nearly 25,000 cases of Whispering Angel will be sold in the Hamptons alone.

But will that be enough to avoid a repeat of last year’s devastating rosé shortage in everyone’s favorite vacation spot? “We are prepared for the onslaught.” said Lichine.

Since he launched Whispering Angel 10 years ago, the 55-year-old winemaker has transformed the pink wine’s reputation. No longer is the tipple relegated to the unknown, in recent years we’ve all been witness to the rise of “brosé”, the Fat Jew’s “White Girl Rosé” brand, and now there are hundreds of people a the waiting list for Sugarfina’s rosé gummy bears.