Racy Rubens oil hits auction block in London: VIDEO

Lot and His Daughters , Rubens (Image Credit : Christie's)
Lot and His Daughters, Rubens (Image Credit : Christie’s)

Tomorrow a painting by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, the 17th Century Flemish Baroque painter, will hit the auction block at Christies’ London auction house.

Painted at the height of the Rubens’ career (circa 1613-1614), Lot and His Daughters was unseen for over a century. According to Christie’s it’s the most important painting by Rubens remaining in private hands that’s ever likely to be sold on the open market.

The painting – which depicts two daughters seducing their father – was influenced by great works Rubens saw on his travels through Italy. “He transforms those sources into something that’s really spectacular and quite spellbinding,” says art critic Alastair Sooke in a video [below] for Christie’s. “Everywhere you look, there’s something to involve the eye — from different hues, to the shadows in its creases and folds.”

Although the estimate for this painting is not immediately available, in 2002, at a Sotheby’s auction, Rubens’ painting Massacre of the Innocents, rediscovered not long before, sold for £49.5 million ($63.9 million).

Watch Christies’ video below: