You can now hop onboard Frank Gehry’s uniquely designed sailboat … for a mere $100K

A lifelong yachtsman, famed architect Frank Gehry designed a 74-foot wooden sailboat last year in collaboration with the Argentine naval architect Germán Frers for the New York property mogul Richard Cohen. In its summer issue, Sotheby’s profiles Gehry on his unique craft and explains it can now be chartered … for a price.

Named the Foggy 2 (cheekily based on his initials “Frank Owen Gehry”) you can now get on board the craft for a mere $100,000 donation to Turnaround Arts — a initiative close to Gehry’s heart, which brings education to under-resources schools. You and your closest (rich) friends can charter the regatta-winning craft for a six-hour trip or use it to host events while docked. Perfect for anyone dying to use the #onaboat tag.

Aside from it’s good looks, Gehry explains it is also quite sexy, “On a boat like this, it’s about romance and romantic encounters.”

Sounds like the perfect place for Killing Kittens’ next wet and wild swinger’s party. [Sotheby’s]