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Martha Stewart is not the retiring type, in either sense of the word. That much is clear in our cover profile of her in the new issue of Luxury Listings NYC. One year after merging her company, the lifestyle guru is busier than ever, she tells us.

In fact the question of whether Stewart, 74, is ready to take it easy, seems mildly offensive to her. “No, it is not the time to slow down,” she tells us. “I enjoy all the things I do. The only challenge I have is finding time to do as much as I want to do.”

In just one of several new ventures, Stewart has landed an original series on Amazon — a deal reportedly worth $200,000 an episode. She’s also adapting decades’ worth of content for online audiences. It’s all part of an effort to bring her vast knowledge of gardening, cooking and decorating to a new generation that’s less inclined to plant their own tomato plants and make their own cheese.

Part of that effort to connect with millenials involves pairing Stewart with more outrageous celebrities for the sheer delight of the contrast with her proper, buttoned-up image, such as her famous brownie baking lesson with Snoop Dogg. But the joke appears to be more on her audience than anyone else, as Stewart has found she has a knack for being incredibly funny and even raunchy. Check out what she has to say about her own “evolution” and the images of her on her Bedford farm, shot by her friend, celeb photographer Terry Richardson.

Defying expectations is also a theme in our second profile of Sheila Rosenblum, a former ballerina, model and socialite who has taken an unexpected path for a woman of her stature, becoming one of few women to invest in and manage racehorses, a field that has almost always been dominated by men. And she’s bringing other women along for the ride — though this is no idle hobby. Her syndicate, Lady Sheila’s Stables, has a $100,000 buy-in fee.

Considering that Rosenblum owns only 27 horses total (a relatively small number compared to Ahmed Zayat, owner of American Pharoah, who owns hundreds), she has an impressive record that includes wins at Belmont, Aqueduct and Saratoga.

After the race track, we got a little dirty, and we mean literal dirt. We went to truffle school at Urbani Truffles on the Upper West Side (and you can too). Join us as we taste (and smell) the world’s most expensive and oderiferous delicacy.

Summer means the Hamptons, does it not? And we have a lot to say on the subject — check out our celebrity listings for homes to buy, rent or just ogle. And we have a town-by-town breakdown on where to do your house hunting. Plus a new way to beat the traffic: try a leisurely yacht service to the East End. If time is money, this says it all. For what to pack, be sure to check out picks for beachwear and sporty gear.

While you are summering, you (or your neighbors) may be getting some work done at home. Many co-op boards restrict renovations to the summer months and we have the story of a major contemporary makeover of a Park Avenue home that hasn’t been touched in three decades.

We also bring you the next installment of “LLNYC’s look at listings.” These are our short reviews of high-end properties and can be found among the listings in the back of the magazine. And you can see a full roundup of all the $15-million-plus properties new to the market each week on

We have the second in an ongoing series called “Board Approved” that looks inside most prestigious co-ops in the city and profiles their most famous residents. In this issue, we bring you 740 Park Avenue, often called “the world’s richest apartment building.”

As always, we bring you news from 10 different neighborhoods in Manhattan, including the enduring legacy of the Doubles Club on the Upper East Side, where to rent high end fashion in Midtown, checking out townhouses-turned-single family homes in Greenwich Village and bar hopping at Tiki bars on the Lower East Side.

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