Could this be the ultimate luxury dessert?

At Sydney restaurant Butter, head chef Julian Cincotta has created what might be the ultimate luxury dessert: champagne and caviar soft-serve. It may also be an abomination – but we’ve not tried it, so who are we to judge.

Butter, which describes itself as, “a hybrid sneaker, fried chicken and champagne bar,” will be serving up the curious combination for one week only. Today it made an appearance as part of the Sweet Street event at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel, and as of tomorrow it’ll be available at Butter itself.

According to the Daily Mail, Cincotta is first to admit it’s an acquired taste. The chef uses Moët and Yasar Caviar to create the sweet and salty ice cream, which was inspired by a caviar course with brioche foam and dill jelly he had at Alinia in Chicago.

The dish will cost $14 AUD ($10) which seems kind of like a bargain. [DM]