A supermodel was just awarded a $100M divorce settlement from her billionaire Saudi husband

What do we really need in life? Food? Shelter? $150,000 worth of haute couture?

That’s what Christina Estrada, the former model, has said she needs among many other demands from her ex-husband, the Saudi businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali. She was just awarded a £75 million (about $100 million) divorce settlement in what the BBC reports is “the largest needs award ever made by an English court.”

And yes, “needs” in this case means she says she needs the money to maintain her lifestyle, which apparently includes £40,000 a year for fur coats, £21,000 a year for shoes and £60M for her London home. In her own words, “I was a top international model. I have lived this life. This is what I am accustomed to.”

To be fair, it’s not as if her husband, Juffali, treated her kindly. He divorced her under Islamic law, without her knowledge, and remarried a 25-year-old Lebanese model in 2012. He then invoked diplomatic immunity to prevent her from accessing a previous settlement. The judge, it seems, agreed with Estrada, writing in her decision that “I am concerned with ensuring that adequate provision is made to meet her reasonable needs.” Juffali must pay Estrada the lump sum by July 29th.

Juffali, for his part, claims that he is not worth anywhere near the £8 billion her lawyers are estimating he is and claims his net worth is more like £113.8 million. Maybe they should check his Instagram to see if he’s lying…