This rainforest in the sky looks as nuts as it sounds

Last October, LLNYC reported on a pair of twin super towers in Dubai, the Rosemont Five Star Hotel & Residences. The buildings, which are the work of ZAS Architects, were reportedly set to feature a whole host of very Dubai-worthy amenities, but most impressive of all was the plan to include a rainforest in the sky.

Now we have some official renderings of the outlandish project.

According to What’s On, the rainforest will consist of a 75,000-square-foot jungle – which to give you a little perspective is about the same size as 12 full-floor apartments at One57 – as well as a splash pool, a café, and a sandless beach. Plus there will be trail and play zones, as well as a Jurassic-inspired marsh (dinosaurs included from the look of the images).

For those of you wondering how a rainforest will grow in a desert climate? The building will use recycled water collected from condensation to imitate the necessary humidity. [What’s On]