People are making real money dumpster diving from designer stores

Designer dumpster diving

Dumpster diving doesn’t have to mean cans and bottles.

According to the New York Post, one group of trash-aficionados have started collecting luxury castoffs — empty boxes, paper shopping bags, hangers, shoe and purse dust covers, pieces of ribbon — and reselling them on eBay and other sites for a lucrative profit.

A perfect box could fetch $60, and a store-signature purse dust cover can sell for more than $150.

“The handbag boxes people are crazy for,” said Andy, who started picking through Chanel’s trash after losing his finance job.

He said buyers include consignment shops that want the boxes to recreate the experience of a luxury store, and real-estate agents, who, when staging a home, will put them in the walk-in closet.

Top diving tips? Avoid the Chanel boutique on Madison Avenue, which often shreds its trash, and steer clear of Tiffany, on Fifth Avenue at 57th Street, which is known to destroy its signature blue boxes. [NYP]