Aby Rosen has some choice words about everyone bathing in the Four Seasons pool

You better get your cotton candy orders in soon, because the Four Seasons Restaurant is closing on Saturday! To mark the end of an era, patrons have been splashing around in the iconic pool. Our cover star Martha Stewart even got in on the action, posing for a snap lounging on the marble edge (sadly, it doesn’t look like she went in). “I’ve been going there since the days of the original people, Paul Kovi and Tom Margittai,” she told us for our cover story.

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Not everyone is so pleased about the baths, however. Aby Rosen, the developer who owns the Seagram building, posted a photo of revelers in the pool this weekend with the caption: “Friday night, Disgrace and no respect from the tenant leaving.” Yikes.

We reached out to Rosen about the post and what sparked the incident, to which his only reply was: “Lousy proprietors.” All right then.

Friday night , Disgrace and no respect from the tenant leaving

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Totally normal quiet lunch.

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