Super rich and powerful men are now just as obsessive about their looks as their wives

(credit: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)
Don’t think powerful men don’t care about their looks (credit: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

Yesterday, the Internet went a bit crazy when it was revealed that François Hollande, the President of France, was spending €10,000-a-month on his hair care. Particularly considering that despite these lavish expenditures on his cheveux, he still seems to be losing it.

However, such expensive preening habits among wealthy and powerful men is not uncommon, according to Wednesday Martin, author of “Primates of Park Avenue,” who writes in the Observer that “alpha males aren’t what they used to be.”

Powerful men used to let themselves go, signaling perhaps that they could do so and still attract hot women (think: Donald Trump). “His wealth and power were his sex appeal,” Martin says.

But all that has changed, she says, thanks to a number of factors, including men’s desire to stay competitive in a younger market, wanting to distinguish themselves from poor schlubs who can’t afford to lavish themselves with this kind of care, the lessening of the stigma attached to homosexual behavior, a desire to keep up with their fit wives and — perhaps most of all — their own competitive natures, which drive them to constantly want to achieve more than their peers.

“Every man of means is also a potential celeb, it seems, and billionaires often aspire to be beautiful and desirable,” Martin says. Her word for them? “Clitbait.” [Observer]