Woman wears vegan, custom-made Louboutin shoes for her $100K wedding

If this isn’t the definition of a first world problem, we don’t know what is.

A bride’s dream to wear a pair of Louboutins on her wedding day was almost dashed when she realized that doing so would be a clear violation of her vegan lifestyle. “I did not want an animal to die [just so I could wear] its skin as leather,” she told the Post.

Her solution? To have Christian Louboutin custom design a pair of vegan shoes for her. Though neither she nor Louboutin would reveal the price, we can guess it was fairly high– a regular pair of Louboutins go for $675. The whole wedding cost “well over $100,000.”

The reason for the incredible price was that Louboutin had to source materials he could use to make shoes that were to his standards, figure out how to create them cruelty-free and then make a custom-mold of the bride’s feet. The end product was a pair of 5.9-inch heels made from pale pink “satin-like” fabric. And for good measure, Louboutin also threw in a clutch that was also, of course, vegan.

As for the menu? You guessed it: it was vegan too. [NYP]